Aberdeen Will Pay Flood Authority

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Now the city of Aberdeen wants to pay their share to the Chehalis River Basin Flood Authority for the early warning system, but first they want more than just a bill. “The Authority does not have the ability to collect, so that’s where we have to have an agreement. We have the money to pay, and we will pay, but we have to have total agreement from all of the entities involved.” Mayor Bill Simpson said yesterday that he still did not agree with the idea of paying for the service “but as Mr. Bledsoe said last night, we pay to play.”

City council voted earlier this month to continue participation in the Flood Authority, after Public Works Director Larry Bledsoe recanted his opinion that the city would not benefit from membership. Simpson said the city has funds to cover their share for 2012, which is $3,391. The Flood Authority is asking for another $6,902 from Aberdeen for the coming year, to split annual maintenance costs for an early warning system amongst it’s 12 members.