Student Mock Election Opens Monday

No preregistration is needed for students to vote in the Mock Election. Students in grades 6-12 vote for most of the same statewide measures that adults see on their ballots. K-5 students are given a shorter, more age-appropriate ballot. Students, teachers and parents can read about the 2012 measures using kid-friendly voters’ guides. Go here to view the sample ballots and voters’ guides    

Teachers may request free “I Voted” stickers for their students or download Teaching Elections in Washington State, a free curriculum guide written by Washington civics teachers.   

Now in its ninth year, the Student Mock Election saw a record 18,000 students take part in 2008. Based on the number of “I Voted” stickers requested by teachers, Elections Division staffers predict 25,000 students will vote in this year’s Mock Election.   

Recently, the Mock Election was named a 2012 Colleen Willoughby Youth Civic Education Award winner by the Seattle CityClub. The Mock Election is funded in part through a federal grant from the Elections Assistance Commission.

  More information is available on the Mock Election website. Please contact Mock Election coordinator JulieAnne Behar at[email protected] or (360) 725-5795 with any questions.