Montesano Passes Again on Medical Marijuana Laws

MONTESANO, Wash. – The city of Montesano again last night passed on marijuana laws that would hinder a dispensary or collective gardens, this time by catching some fine print on another proposed ordinance that would change the way the city handles business licenses. City Attorney Dan Glenn explained the ordinance to council at their regular meeting “We would not be able to issue a license to any business that would violate federal, state, or local law.” The ordinance would allow the city to change their annual rates by resolution, the federal law clause seemed common sense to Glenn “If it’s a legal business, then you can get a business license. If it’s not a legal business, then it’s not.”
After the council failed to to pass an amendment removing the federal clause from the ordinance, the council failed to pass the ordinance all together. Councilman Doug Streeter posed the question “Is the horse officially dead, we can stop kicking it now?”
The city still has no ordinance addressing medical marijuana collective gardens and dispensaries which are currently permissible under state law but illegal under federal law, and have nothing to do with Initiative 502 on the November ballot, which seeks to make the drug legal to persons 21 and older at the state level.