Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Apple Cake Edition

Always remember that the apple you most enjoy for munching is not likely to be the apple you want for your pies, cakes, and applesauce. My favorite eating apples are the Fuji and Honeycrisp. Red Delicious and Granny Smith are also superb for eating, but not high on the list for cooking.

Okay, you have already tried my Apple Crisp recipe and found it to be over-the-top delicious, so now it’s time to share the secrets of a really good Apple Cake.

Every time I taste a particularly good apple cake, I ask for the recipe. I almost always hear ‘this was my grandma’s recipe’, which is a propitious omen. After comparing several, it seems that many of our grandma’s were sharing the same recipe!

Old-Fashioned Apple Cake

Mix together;

4 cups of chopped apples

2 cups of sugar

One half cup of cooking oil


2 eggs

One half tsp salt

2 tsp vanilla

2 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp baking soda

2 cups of flour

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Lightly oil a 9 X 13 baking pan and bake for 45 minutes

Let cake cool before icing. It really doesn’t need to be iced, but Joe likes icing

Cream Cheese Icing

1 8 oz. package of Cream Cheese

3 tablespoons Butter

3 cups of powdered Sugar

1 tablespoon Vanilla

If serving for breakfast or brunch, do not ice the cake. That way you won’t feel guilty.

This is a great recipe for beginner cooks. With such a satisfying result, who wouldn’t want to keep on learning to cook well?

It breaks my heart to see a healthy apple tree cut down. We should be planting more apple trees, not cutting them down. Even if you don’t plan on staying in your home for decades, you will still be doing a service to your neighborhood by planting apple trees and right now is the time to make a list of the varieties you like best. The Grays Harbor Farmers Market has oodles of apples right now and more will be coming. Get some of each kind, keep track of your favorites, and shop for those trees this winter.

Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager- with an office! of the Grays Harbor Farmers Market in Hoquiam. Deidra’s Deli is open and Wednesday is Taco Soup day! Come on in and warm up with a bowl of the best J

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