Highlight: Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Repair Program

An offender at Monroe Correctional Complex  repairs a wheelchair as part of the Durable  Medical Equipment Repair Program.

MONROE, Wash. – What happens to gurneys with misaligned wheels or walkers with broken legs? Since January 2010, theDurable Medical Equipment (DME) Repair Program has successfully refurbished and repaired medical equipment used at facilities throughout the Department of Corrections. 

Offenders at the Monroe Correctional Complex (MCC) receive a wide range of equipment from around the state (gurneys, walkers, wheelchairs, stretchers, hospital beds and crutches), repair it and return it for reuse. The equipment is picked up and returned as space is available on existing deliveries made by Correctional Industries.

While the work of the DME repair program has saved the Department more than $100,000 in maintenance and replacement costs, the value of the program is not merely monetary. Offenders working this program gain valuable skills and confidence while the Department benefits from yet another example of renewable resource use.

The program also offers tune-ups, where equipment is inspected for loose/missing/broken hardware, ripped/sagging seats and flat/worn tires. Offenders also adjust front casters/forks of the bearing systems, ensure wheel bearings are clean and repacked, and give the equipment a wash and shine before returning it to the facility.

MCC appreciates the support of other facilities and looks forward to servicing more equipment. To learn more about the Durable Medical Equipment Repair Program, contactSherry Pendergrass, Classifications Counselor, at 360-794-2277 or Julie Vanneste, Sustainability Coordinator, at 360-725-8396.