The Great Shakeout and the AHAB Siren Activation on Thursday October 18 at 10:18am

On Thursday October 18th at 10:18am, all AHAB Sirens in Washington State will activate with an actual 3 minute alerting siren along with a test voice message as part of The Great Shakeout earthquake exercise.

The test voice message will broadcast first, then the 3 minute siren followed by the test voice message again.

The voice message will state:

“This is a test of the AHAB system. If you are in a low coastal area test your evacuation route now. If this had been a real emergency, you should follow evacuation routes. Move to higher ground or inland now. Do not delay. Do not return until directed to do so. Tune Into your local radio stations for further instructions. This was only a test.”

The All Hazard Weather Radios will only activate with the normal required weekly test at 10:18am. Some weather radios will not activate because they do not receive weekly test messages. If you are not sure whether your All Hazard Weather Radio is functioning properly, push the radio button. You should hear the 24 hour weather forecast message. If you do not hear an voice transmission, you may need to reconfigure the radio or move it to another area.


All government buildings, schools, businesses and citizens are being asked to participate in The Great Shakeout earthquake exercise which kicks off at 10:18am on Thursday October 18th the same time the AHAB testing will take place. We are asking all to “Drop, Cover and Hold On’, then to evacuate your building to your assigned, predetermined assembly areas where personnel accountability should take place. The entire evolution should take no more than 20 minutes to complete.

*************** ATTENTION – ALL COASTAL COMMUNITIES: *********************

Remember that notification of whether a tsunami has been generated or not may take up to 10-15 minutes following the shaking of an earthquake. Your initial actions should be to “Drop, Cover and Hold On” followed by moving to high ground without hesitation! Once on high ground, personnel accountability should take place.

During a true earthquake event, communication may be lost for some time. Texting may be a possible way to communicate. The AHAB sirens may NOT activate along the coast, even if a tsunami is approaching due to the earthquake moving the siren out of alignment with the satellite activation ability. THE EARTHQUAKE IS YOUR WARNING TO MOVE TO HIGHER GROUND!!!