Montesano Upholds Policy on School District Late Fees

MONTESANO, Wash. – The city of Montesano last night decided not to wave monthly late fees on the School district’s water bill. Mayor Ken Estes said that the district had approached the city because their billing cycle was falling later than the districts’ payment cycles, prompting $200 in monthly late fees on 10 water meters at district property. “We’ve had quit a bit of discussion over the past months especially regarding people being late. The problem is we’ve not given them the opportunity to wipe off all their [late fees].”
City Finance Director Kristy Powell said the district didn’t want to pay a month ahead to avoid late fees, nor did they want to review the way they pay their bills. Mayor Estes said the school district is not the first, “We’ve had the same thing come up with the county, and with the Department of Transportation, and they are now paying their bill on time.”