UPDATE: Nearby Brush Fire Claims Trohimovich Building

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A structure fire in Aberdeen has leveled the Trohimovich building on Simpson street at the Jeffries intersection. Aberdeen fire tells us, just after 12 today “started out as a brush fire, then it was re-toned as a structure fire. when we pulled up it was fully involved and basically we went defensive right away trying to protect Duffy’s and that’s where we are at at this point.” When asked about no immediate danger toward Duffy’s he replied,”we had some small fires on the roof of Duffy’s, with a bunch of heat over there but i think everything is ok at this point, we’ve had people addressing it.” The two story building caved into itself Sunday afternoon, as fire crews pushed sheet metal off of the sidewalk and containment shifted to cleanup around 2 PM. Simpson avenue was blocked in the 1500 block until about 4 Sunday.

The heat from the fire broke a couple windows on the West end of Duffey’s Resturaunt, fire crews also patched some cedar shingles.

The fire was managed at a 2nd alarm level. 24 firefighters from the Aberdeen fire Department, the Aberdeen Fire Chief and Assistant Chief, along with one Engine from Hoquiam Fire Dept. with two firefighters responded.

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Battalion Chief Damon Lillybridge said “Our main priority was protecting the nearby exposure (Duffy’s Restaurant). There was some damage to the restaurant including heat damage to the roof, windows, and siding. The involved building was a complete loss and it took approximately one hour to bring the fire under control. There was one injury to a firefighter who twisted his ankle during fire operations. There were no civilian injuries.”

The cause of the fire appears to be an exterior grass fire that extended into the building. The cause of the grass fire is undetermined