Nine Horses Seized, One Euthanized in Morton

After the owners failed to follow through with the requests to obtain veterinarian care for the horses and bring them back to a healthy condition, Lewis County officials stepped in and took action last Friday, after obtaining a search warrant to seize the animals.

The owners were cooperative and were in agreement that the animals needed care. They also followed the veterinarian’s recommendation that one of the horses be euthanized.

The seized horses were transported to various animal rescue groups where they will receive treatment and care, in hopes of a full recovery.

The following Animal Rescue Groups and Agencies assisted in the removal and fostering of the horses:

Dwelly Farm, Hope for Horses, Pasados Safe Haven, Good Life Stables, Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County, and Lewis County Animal Shelter.

Donations of feed and grain are needed for the horses care and can be donated to the Lewis County Animal Shelter.

Terry, 58, and Joanne, 65, Simmons of Morton are being referred to the Lewis County Prosecutor’s Office for Animal Cruelty 1st degree.