Generational Derby in Westport – October 6th & 7th

Celebrate Westport’s 2nd Annual Weekend Generational Derby, October 6th & 7th. Teams of 2 or more family generations can register for special prizes, but the best prize will be time spent together and creating new family traditions. 

Westport FishingThis is a wonderful way to show the kids why fishing can be a great recreation for the rest of their lives, and to enjoy the fishing experience together from Washington’s most accessible spot to catch a salmon, right off the Westport dock. There’s no derby ticket purchase required.

The Generational Derby is part of 2012’s Boat Basin Salmon Derby at Westport that started September 15th, where everyone can compete for prizes that the whole family can enjoy – and a grand prize of a 2013 charter boat trip and 2-night stay at one of Westport’s motels.

Fishing in Westport!

The Boat Basin Derby runs through October 31, and no derby ticket purchase required for this event.

Call the relatives and make plans now for the derby within a derby – Go to Events Calendar for details and rules, or contact Mike Coverdale at 360.581.3399.