Wild Olympics Legislation Stalls in Committee

Washington D.C. – The Wild Olympics bill remains stuck in committee as Congress left Washington DC last week, some headed for the campaign trail and others, like bill co-sponsor Norm Dicks, are headed for retirement.

Senate Bill 3329 and House Resolution 5995 were introduced in June, a statement from Senator Patty Murrays office reads “It is wholly inaccurate to say that the Wild Olympics bill has been killed. While there is limited time left in this Congressional session, this bill is still under consideration and this is an effort that will continue to move forward.”
Opponents of the Wild Olympics campaign celebrated today, saying they wanted to prevent the bill from making it to the floor during this session.

Sen. Patty Murray and Congressman Norm Dicks sponsored the “Wilderness and Wild and Scenic Rivers Act of 2012″ that they say would create nearly 200 square miles of new wilderness in Washington’s Olympic National Forest and designate 19 rivers and seven tributaries as Wild and Scenic Rivers. Earlier this summer, Murray and Dicks said they made compromises to overcome objections that the designations would be too restrictive on logging and recreation.
The Aberdeen and Cosmopolis city councils as well as the Grays Harbor County commissioners have passed resolutions opposing the Wild Olympics campaign.