Cause of Montesano Fire Undetermined, Homecoming May Still Come Home

MONTESANO, Wash. – The cause of the fire that destroyed the grandstands at Jack Rottle Field in Montesano is undetermined. As demolition began yesterday afternoon, School Superintendent Dan Winter said through teary eyes at last night’s school board meeting.
“For me that’s a little frustrating. Having further conversations with Chief Rux. They don’t know if was intentionally set, and they don’t know if it was caused by electrical or something else.”Montesano Bleachers Fire
A forensic fire investigator is expected on Monday, Winter added “I’m not sure that it’s completely over yet because they have sent some stuff to a lab, and there’s some other things that we have discovered electrical ‘shorts’ we’ll call them, that may have contributed to it.
Meanwhile, the High School Leadership class has opted to move Homecoming to the last home game, October 19th “Our plan is to have that game back here, what it’s going to look like – we’re in the process of figuring that out. Pasha Stevedoring has said that they would want to get temporary bleachers in here. It may be that we’re all standing around the track, but I don’t think it matters.
Montesano Bleachers Demo
Superintendent Winter said he spent the week meeting with people and businesses wanting to help the district, including the Pasha Automotive Group “They are very anxious to do whatever they can to help us, and I think that what they’re willing to do is going to be very generous when it’s all said and done.”