Iconic Aberdeen Building Sells, Electricity Returns to Electric Building

Failor Exterior

ABERDEEN, Wash. – One of Aberdeen’s historical buildings has been purchased by local business owner Kevin Moore of Tek-Eaze. The area E-Cycle business has already moved into the space where B+B Appliances was located in the Electric building at the corner of Heron and Broadway street. “One of the things I thought was kind of cool was that it was the original ‘Electric Building’ so having a technology company in here, like Tek-Eaze, is pretty cool.”

Failor Office Door

Moore, along with co-owner Michelle Beerbower of Elma, say once engineers sign off on the building they plan to renovate and lease office space.

While they haven’t ruled out bringing back the familiar restaurant, Moore said they’re hoping to keep the “technology” theme moving along, and get some high-tech renters. He plans to also honor the building’s rich history “We’ve already started the paperwork, putting the building on Aberdeen’s historical registry.”

Besides some much-needed repairs you might see a long-lost symbol of Aberdeen history returning; light fixtures that line the window sills and top of the building have been empty for years, Moore wants to find an LED-based alternative and once again light the exterior.

Failor Exterior

This terrible re-creation of exterior lighting on the corner windows was done by myself and MS Paint, which I should never use again.