Prepare in September!

OLYMPIA, Wash. – September is National Preparedness Month, and initiatives are underway on the federal, state, county, and neighbor-hood level across the country. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is focusing on basic preparedness by highlighting past disasters. On the FEMA website you can check out the “Today is the Day Before” campaign which lists the most recent disaster to occur in every state in addition to helpful tips for getting prepared. The FEMA website has a wealth of information and resources which cover all aspects of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery.Check out the “Today is the Day Before” campaign on FEMA’s website to learn about recent historic disasters across the United States!
On the state level, the Washington Emergency Management Division (WA EMD) is focusing on NOAA Weather Radios and 72 Hour Comfort Kits. According to WA EMD, “the NOAA Weather Radio is a 24/7 all-hazards warning system that saves lives.” NOAA Weather Ra-dios alert for immediate flood and weather events, natural disasters like tsunamis or volcanic eruptions, hazmat incidents, and AMBER alerts. They are an essential tool for residents of Pacific County where storms, floods, and tsunamis are po-tential hazards.
72 Hour Comfort Kits are the other essential being heavily promoted by WA EMD this month. This kit should provide all members of a household with a minimum supply of water, food, and other tools to last for three days. Following a major disaster, residents may have to rely on the supplies avail-able in their home for at least three days. Check out the Prepare in a Year program on the WA EMD website to learn how to thoroughly build a 72 Hour or Extended Event Comfort Kit.
PCEMA is promoting preparedness on a county level in collaboration with Timberland Regional Library. Get Prepared Pacific County curriculum is being taught along with the Let’s Talk Tsunamis presentation during events at all county branches of the library. These events are intended to help residents consider what to do in our worst case disaster scenario, a locally generated tsunami.
PCEMA is also in the midst of a daily preparedness month Facebook campaign. Check it out on a daily basis to learn about major local risks and personal prepared-ness. Just cruise on over to to learn more!