Early Learning Groups Award Local Lawmakers

From August through September, 19 state legislators across Washington are receiving Crayon Awards for their outstanding work in helping more children access early learning opportunities in the past two years: from protecting state investments in programs, to advocating for policy changes that increase the continuity of care for children. All 19 legislators awarded understand the value of investing in the first five years of a child’s life. Quality early learning during this time influences experiences in school, at work, with their families and in their communities.

Three types of awards are given: Gold, Silver and Bronze Crayon Awards. Gold Crayon Award recipients are leaders who spearhead and champion efforts in early learning. Silver Crayon Award recipients are steadfast advocates who lend their voices and cast their votes for early learning issues. Recipients of the Bronze Crayon Award demonstrate promise as growing early learning leaders; we count on their rising support. See a full list of awardees.