Montesano Will Keep and Maintain Fleet Park Sequoia Trees

MONTESANO, Wash. – The Home of the Tree Farm will prune, instead of falling, Sequoia trees at Fleet Park in Montesano.
Community Development Director Mike Wincewicz said the report by Tree Solutions Inc. found all six trees at low risk of failure “the problem though is with loose limbs. Some [of the limbs] have disconnected from the tree and are laying in the canopy, some limbs have broken and died, but are still attached to the tree.”
Council last night directed city staff to get quotes on removing the widow-makers, the city will also monitor one tree that was found to have some decay, but not enough to warrant removal.
Some business owners near Fleet Park had expressed concern over the 70 year old trees, a citizen survey 2 years ago said 88% percent of respondents wanted to keep them. Over 60 years ago Rubin Fleet donated the city block to Montesano for exclusive use as a Park. Mr. Fleet was a resident of Montesano until he and his wife moved to California to form Consolidated Aircraft, a very successful manufacturer of two-winged airplanes.
At the time of the donation of the Park property several Sequoia Trees were planted at the rear of the park as well as other landscaping vegetation. As a condition of the dedication of land, any substantial changes to the Park, are required to be approved by the Fleet Foundation. Throughout the years, landscape maintenance has been the only activity undertaken, along with the addition of a Pavilion.