Second Annual Hunt The Harbor

If you missed out last year, Hunt the Harbor is an ‘Amazing Race’ type event where teams locate challenge sites by deciphering clues.  Once at a challenge site, teams must complete crazy and exciting tasks to earn points, as well as answer trivia questions. Teams must find all challenge sites, complete the challenges and return to Friends Landing before 2:00 p.m. And we can’t forget the scavenger hunt along the way!  Extra points will be awarded to teams that dress up. And the best part is teams are playing in the name of local charities, so the real winner is our community!


Hunt the Harbor is in partnership with Anchor Bank, Greater Grays Harbor Inc., and the United Way and is this year’s kick-off event for the United Way’s campaign season.  To help make this event a success…Register a Team ($50…that’s only $10 per person!)…Donate to the Raffle…Spread the word!


Ready, Set, Hunt!


Camping and RV spaces are available at Friends Landing. Make reservations by calling 360-249-5117.