New Multi-Agency Special Operations Group Pro-Act Team Makes First Raid

SHELTON, Wash. – On September 5, 2012, the new multi-agency special operations group pro-act team served a search warrant within the 1100 block of Johns Prairie Road, Shelton, WA. 

During the warrant service, Detectives from the Squaxin Island Police Department and the WA Dept. of Corrections lead by the Mason County Sheriff’s Office arrested two people on drug charges and seized approximately two hundred pieces of evidence to include five motorcycles, three boats, two welders, two electric trolling motors and numerous electronic devices.

Some victims have already been reunited with their property and Detectives will continue to work to identify additional victims.  The team supervisor stated that additional arrests are forthcoming.

Any victims of theft or burglary who may not have reported their loss are encouraged to contact the Mason County Sheriff’s Office at (360)427-9670, ext. 313.