Get Prepared in Pacific County

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September is National Preparedness Month. Pacific County residents, you can learn how to take care of yourself and your family in a tsunami or other emergency by joining presenters from Pacific County Emergency Management at the Pacific County Timberland libraries this month.

Learn how to make a family emergency plan and a survival kit for home or car. At some of the libraries you will also be able to make and take an emergency light jar. The programs are one hour each.

“Get Prepared” program schedule:

Sept. 8, Saturday, 1 p.m., Ocean Park Timberland Library, (360) 665-4184

Sept. 18, Tuesday, 6 p.m., Raymond Timberland Library, (360) 942-2408

Sept. 19, Wednesday, 5 p.m., South Bend Timberland Library, (360) 875-5532

Sept. 25, Tuesday, 6 p.m., Naselle Timberland Library, (360) 484-3877

Sept. 29, 11 a.m., Ilwaco Timberland Library, (360) 642-3908

For more information, please contact one of the libraries or visit the Timberland Regional Library website,