Back to School: Pay Attention in Class and Behind The Wheel


The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind you to be especially cautious in and around our neighboring schools and as a part of our effort to educate the public, motorists are reminded:

•To be aware of the posted school zone speed limits in and around our schools.

•Pedestrians must use the designated crosswalks when crossing the street and bicyclists must obey the rules of the road which include; using designated bicycle lanes, traveling the same direction as traffic, and obeying all posted stop signs and signals. In addition, all bicyclists under the age of 18 must wear an approved bicycle helmet.

•Motorists must obey the direction of school crossing guards.

•Motorists are required to stop for flashing red lights on school buses unless traveling the opposite direction on a divided or multilane highway.

Parents and students are encouraged to allow extra time dropping off or picking up students. The increase in traffic and those persons unfamiliar with pick up and drop off procedures are likely to cause unsafe issues.

The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office takes a proactive approach to keeping county residents and visitors safe by enforcement and education of traffic laws, pedestrian laws, and bicycle laws. We wish each and every student and faculty member returning to the Willapa Valley, Raymond, South Bend, North River, Ocean Beach and Naselle Grays River school districts good fortune and a fun filled school year.