Hospital District Selects Name for New Hospital Campus

“We believe the term medical center reflects more accurately the scope of services we provide now and those that we will most likely be able to add in the future. We aren’t just a hospital or just a healthcare clinic, we are all of those and more,” Brent Meldrum, Board Chair, commented, “In addition, we don’t just serve those living in one city or another; we serve those living in our Hospital District and beyond; therefore, wanted our name to be inclusive of everyone.”

The Board of Directors unanimously approved a motion for a committee to move forward with researching and identifying names for the new facility at their July Board Meeting. The Board identified several key guidelines that they wanted the committee to keep in mind as they worked. The Naming Committee worked over three weeks and discussed options, many of which were submitted by the community. The committee also worked with various graphic designers to develop options for a logo. Renee Jensen, CEO, presented the board with “Summit Pacific Medical Center” at their last meeting, and the name choice was approved pending that the name was not trademarked or used by a nearby organization. The criteria set forth have since been met.

Mark Reed Hospital will close on a Sunday in February 2013 and Summit Pacific Medical Center will open in Elma that same day. The current Mark Reed Campus in McCleary consists of both Mark Reed Healthcare Clinic and Mark Reed Hospital. When Mark Reed Hospital closes in February 2013, Mark Reed Healthcare Clinic will remain open and operating out of its current offices. The District hopes to fill the space that will be vacated when the hospital moves with third party medical vendors.