More Park and Rides, Wider Shoulders Top WA Feedback Website

OLYMPIA, Wash. – More Park and Rides, Wider Shoulders, and More “Keep Right Except to Pass” signs to make Washington roadways safer. These are the top topics on the state Transportation Commission’s website seeking the public’s input.
Last month, the commission asked residents to visit the website to provide feedback on the condition of Washington’s roadways, and what they’d do to fix it.
Visitors to the site will have to register to do that, afterwards you can post your idea, or provide feedback on others.
Reema Griffith, executive director of the WSTC tells KBKW “Sparking a robust conversation around transportation issues, and collecting survey data that indicates people’s opinions and thoughts on policy and funding approaches, will help decision makers identify possible solutions and investment priorities. When people share what matters to them when they drive, ride, bike, walk or fly within their communities, their needs can be more effectively addressed.”