Port of Grays Harbor Prepares to Export 100,000th Vehicle

ABERDEEN, Wash. – As the Port of Grays Harbor preps to ship their 100,000 auto next week, Lakeside Industries is prepping to pave about 12 acres of parking lot to hold that many at once for the port “We think with this added asphalt, that will probably give us capacity of up to 100,000 cars.” Executive Director Gary Nelson tells us the Port will welcome Pasha and Chrysler executives next week to celebrate the milestone.
When the Pasha Group began shipping Chryslers through Grays Harbor in February of 2010, the two companies said they projected as many as 25,000 vehicles passing through the port, as part of a three-year pact. Nelson said 2 years later Pasha is reinvesting in the port, with plans to add an automated car wash that could attract more auto export business.
Port Commissioners this week awarded the $1.6-million paving contract to Lakeside Industries.