Swift and Certain Support to Open Hoquiam Jail

HOQUIAM, Wash. – A new contract with the Department of Corrections will open Hoquiam’s jail in the fall, and they’re hiring, “it would be sometime in October, it looks like there’s an ad going in the paper tomorrow.” Sandy Mullens with the State Department of Corrections last night detailed the new ‘Swift and Certain’ probation model that focuses on repeated and consistent arrests, instead of jail time, to curb recidivism.
“When we looked at the research, these really long stays aren’t doing anything to affect their chances of recidivism in the future. We have a bunch of folks who are really good at doing time.”
Mullens said about 75% of the County’s current state-supervised felons would qualify for the program. Under the new model, DOC needs local jail cells for probation violators to serve short terms, locally.
A contract was presented to the city council at last night’s meeting that would pay Hoquiam $80 per inmate, per day, and would designate the jail that has been closed since 2002, as the primary DOC facility in Grays Harbor.