Coupeville Student Wins History Day Prize – Two Weeks Aboard Lady Washington

Washington History Day is affiliated with National History Day, and annual event which encourages students to become historians by developing research, analysis, presentation and social skills. Working individually or in groups, junior (grades 6-8) and senior (9-12) division students select a topic related to an annual theme. They conduct extensive historical research using primary sources, articles, and books, then distill their research and analysis into a dramatic performance, multimedia documentary, museum exhibit, website, or research paper.

The competition features a number of special awards, including GHHSA's Voyages of Exploration and Discovery Award. The GHHSA award recognizes an outstanding senior individual entry in maritime heritage-related voyages of exploration, discovery, and trade in the 18th to mid-19th centuries. The award includes a full scholarship for a two-week apprenticeship aboard the Lady Washington. Washington History Day organizers announced the winner on April 25.

Snoden, 17, has six years of experience sailing racing craft, though she has no experience on square-rigged vessels such as Lady Washington. "I'm obsessed with sailing, so this award was perfect for me," she says, adding that she is considering a career in the US Navy.