Great Shakeout October Earthquake Drill Tops 160,000 Participants in Washington

The annual Tsunami Warning Siren test will coincide with the Great ShakeOut drill and warning loudspeakers will be activated using the actual warning tone from the Washington State Emergency Operations Center at Camp Murray.
Washington State residents can register for the drill at the exercise web site:
“Earthquakes are a hazard throughout the state and the Pacific Coast and Puget Sound can experience a tsunami at any time,” Schelling said. “The Great Shakeout drill can boost public awareness of the state’s earthquake and tsunami hazards while demonstrating the important of emergency preparedness for families, schools, and businesses across Washington.”
For more information about Great Shakeout, please contact:
 John Schelling, WEMD earthquake, tsunami and volcano program manager, Washington Emergency Management Division, 253-512-7084 or <[email protected] >
 Rosanne, Garrand, WEMD public education program coordinator, 253-512-7419 or at [email protected]
 Rob Harper, WEMD public information officer, [email protected]