For-Profit Colleges on the Hotseat in Congress

The for-profit college industry calls Harkin’s report “a political attack” and says it “twists the facts.” But a 2010 study of 30 for-profit colleges found less than 18 percent of their revenue was spent on instruction, and that recruiters outnumbered career placement staff by ten to one. 

Schroeder advises students to do some online research before attending in-person recruiting sessions at any school.

“Everyone wants to improve their lives. And what can happen is, when you’re with a good recruiter, they can convince you not only that what they have for you is worth the investment, no matter how high it is, but that you will succeed.”

She also thinks the state legislature could do more to require accountability from for-profit colleges. 

This month, California became the first to cut state-funded student aid to schools where graduation rates are low and student loan defaults are high.