Hoquiam Police Department Promotes Detective P. Shane Krohn to Patrol Sergeant

In addition to being promoted tonight, Sgt. Krohn was also recognized for his outstanding work as a department detective.  Sgt. Krohn handled and worked on many high-impact cases for the department over the past three and a half years, including several homicide investigations, serious assaults, missing persons cases and major fraud investigations.  As an example, Sgt. Krohn was recently praised in a letter to the city from a local business for solving a bad check case that would have resulted in a $6000 loss.  In another case, on his last day as detective on Friday, Sgt. Krohn solved yet another felony fraud case- to include a confession from the suspect.  Sgt. Krohn demonstrated a tenacity and attention to detail that made him an excellent detective.

Sgt. Krohn joins the ranks of two other recently promoted patrol sergeants within the department:  Sgt. Jeff Salstrom and Sgt. S. Joe Strong.  These three sergeant promotions are the first in the department in almost eleven years.   The department has four patrol sergeants and one detective sergeant.

As sergeant, we are looking forward to the same hard work and drive from Sgt. Krohn as he faces his first 12-hour graveyard patrol shift tonight.

Mrs. Krohn pins a new sergeant badge on newly promoted Sgt. Krohn.