New Report Quantifies Coal Export Expansion

“The United States has the world’s largest endowment of low-cost, high quality coal reserves. These reserves can be competitively produced and shipped to high value destinations through rail and seaborne transport. Coal’s low cost and abundance continues to make it a highly preferential fuel for power generation in the developing world.U.S. production will merely replace higher cost production with minimal or no effect on world and U.S. coal prices. Neither net world coal combustion nor GHG emissions will change as a result of an expansion of U.S. coal exports.”

Lauri Hennessey, a spokeswoman for the Alliance for Northwest Jobs and Exports, said the report provided more evidence for why exporting coal through Northwest terminals and ports would provide a significant boost to the region’s trade economy.

“This report confirms what we already know in the Northwest – we can continue to build on our strong trade heritage, creating thousands of new jobs and millions in new tax revenue for our region, and do it in an environmentally responsible way,”said Hennessey. “We heard in last week’s Oregon Public Broadcasting poll that a majority of Northwest citizens support expanding coal exports.As these sorts of facts and studies get out to the public, we are confident that support will only grow.”

According to the report, an expansion of coal exports would create substantial new revenue streams for state, local and federal government.U.S. coal resources are the largest in the world, accounting for more than one fourth of the world reserves. The Powder River Basin has extremely low sulfur coal, offering much better quality than many other alternatives.

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About the Alliance for Northwest Jobs& Exports

The Alliance for Northwest Jobs & Exports is a non-profit trade organization advancing export infrastructure to strengthen regional trade economies in the Pacific Northwest. The Alliance represents a strong labor and business coalition comprised of trade, transport, labor organizations, manufacturing, businesses, civic groups and others who support expanding regional exports for the economic benefits. The proposed terminals would create thousands of new jobs and generate millions in additional tax revenue for schools and other services.

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