ACA Brings a Boost to WA Women’s Health Benefits Today

Davenport says women with new health-insurance policies will no longer have to worry about deductibles or co-payments, as they will be covered for these services in full. For existing policies, the additions take effect as they renew.

Historically, Davenport says, private insurance companies have been reluctant to cover many services related to breastfeeding, but now women can count on that coverage as well.

“Help with breastfeeding, particularly supports and supplies related to helping women get breastfeeding started with their new babies, and to continue that as they go back to work.”

Today’s change means women with health insurance will no longer have co-pays for contraception, and advocates say it will give more women access to family planning services. That is one reason the Affordable Care Act continues to be controversial, with House Republicans still attempting to eliminate its funding.

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