Community Hospital Announces More Layoffs

Aberdeen, WA- Grays Harbor Community Hospital announced yesterday, a second round of restructuring of its workforce.  This restructuring is in response to a decrease in reimbursement and a rise in uncompensated charity care.

 After reviewing the financials over the past months, the Board of Directors and Administration believe additional restructuring is required.  “Our Board of Directors has approved a limited but strategic workforce reduction, reorganization in some departments, and additional streamlining of services,” said Board Chairman Sharon Schermer

As part of this plan, the Board and Administration are carefully evaluating approximately eight full-time equivalents.  These include union and non-union jobs.

Hospital Directors will be working with impacted individuals and departments to ensure they will be treated respectfully and according to the organization’s policies and procedures.  In those areas with union employees, we will work collaboratively with the union to follow all contract language.

According to Tom Jensen, CEO, “Although our Team has done a great job to be more efficient and effective, we believe additional changes are necessary. These are not easy changes to make; it is clear that we have not yet achieved the balance necessary to ensure the long-term financial health of our organization.  These transitions will help us continue to serve our Community, providing quality care for generations to come.”