Public Invited to Comment on Draft Shellfish Protection District for Grays Harbor

Environmental Health Director Jeff Nelson said the county plans to keep this website up for at least 30-days, at which time we will compile comments and present them to the County Commissioners for consideration. As needed, documents will be amended, a public hearing scheduled and an ordinance considered for adoption.

“The international water quality standards for commercial shellfish harvesting are very strict and often multiple sources contribute to fecal coliform concentrations. The draft documents we have created are aimed at inventorying existing activities and expanding monitoring efforts to better characterize potential sources in the areas along the coast that have been affected.

I want to stress that there is currently no impact to recreational harvesting of Razor Clams and that recreational exposure (Swimming, wading, etc) in ocean waters does not pose a health threat.

Our goal is to work with the public along with City, State, Tribal, and Federal partners to proactively maintain the commercial shellfish growing area standards and comply with the legislative intent of the statute. “

For more information and to provide comment please visit the website at;