Pacific County E911 Director Stephanie Fritz Receives Maurice Courtright Award

The Maurice Courtright award is bestowed upon those individuals having a positive, caring attitude who believe that to elevate and make great the individuals in an organization will make the organization vastly greater and stronger for the benefit of all. Thus making significant contributions to the NW (now Washington) Chapter of APCO through personality, persuasion, caring, and efforts of helping others outside of the normal work assignments.

The award is for candidates who lead without being a leader, who influence others to accomplish great deeds via a caring attitude and who inspire others to greatness beyond the limits they themselves ever imagined. “The spark plug of life,” so to speak. Or. To put it another way, “the heart and soul” of the Washington Chapter of APCO.

Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson stated “The Pacific County Sheriff’s Office is very proud of Stephanie Fritts for receiving this great award”. “We have the privilege to work with her on a daily basis and benefit from her hard work and dedication first hand and I couldn’t think of a more deserving person”.