Grays Harbor PUD Offers Paperless Option

The paperless billing and on-line bill payment system was developed by the PUD’s Information Technology Department.

Customer who haven’t already signed up for on-line bill payment, and would like to receive and pay power bills electronically should go to the PUD’s website to sign up:

Go to the Grays Harbor PUD website at

Click on “Pay Bill” button located on the right side of the home page

Click on “register” button and fill out the information

Be sure to click the “enrolled” box under Paperless Billing to receive bills electronically


Customers already signed up for on-line bill payments, simply need to update their on-line bill payment information by adding the paperless billing option:

Go to Grays Harbor PUD website at

Access your on-line bill payment account

Click on the “enrolled”  box under Paperless Billing to receive your bill electronically


Customers who sign up to receive paperless bills will begin receiving electronic bills to their specified email address in the next billing cycle.


Please note the following:

  • Customers signed up for on-line payments but do not select “Paperless Billing” will be able to make payments electronically but will still receive a paper bill. 
  • Customers who sign up for on-line bill payment and select “Paperless Billing” will receive their bill electronically and will be set up to make payments on-line, although they still may pay in person or by mail.
  • Customers who are signed up for automatic bill payment and signed up for paperless billing will receive a paperless bill for their records only. Automatic payments will be deducted after the electronic bill is generated.