Aberdeen Author Claims Yellowstone is an Ancient Impact Crater

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Could Yellowstone National Park be evidence that an asteroid created the Rocky Mountains?
Richard L. McGuire Jr. has released a book proposing the idea that 65 million years ago a significant celestial impact created a crater in North America comparable to the largest crater on the moon, and barely visible today.
The refrigeration mechanic of 30 years tells KBKW that he compiled data from NASA, USGS, and various scientific communities to conclude that either an asteroid or comet struck the planet at an angle about 375 miles Southwest of Yellowstone and drilled through Earth’s mantle toward the controversial “hotspot” underneath the park.
The Aberdeen resident says “Anything west of the Mississippi is crater,” and hopes that the scientific community will take his 28-page book seriously. McGuire also claims the right of discovery to name the crater the “Richard L. McGuire Jr. Yellowstone Impact Crater.”
McGuire said “I’ve put the information out there, but it’s going to be those that are more competent than I that are going to have to look at my data, they’ll either prove or disprove what I’m saying,” the book, titled Yellowstone Super Volcano… Remnants Of A Celestial Impact, is available at amazon.com, and claims it will turn the scientific community on it’s head.