Getting the 411 on Washington Primary Elections

In addition to the ballot measures, Hirst says, there are 265 competitive races in the August primary and another 144 offices with candidates running unopposed. is a national League of Women Voters project, so voters who move to another state can use the same site to access their new ballots. And after the primary, the site will be updated for the November general election.

Hirst says is a good place to start for people new to Washington, or new to the voting process.

“You know, there are people new to voting who may not know that we do mail-in. And they can find out how to register, find out what candidates are on the ballot in their own districts, and what some of the positions are of those candidates.”

The Secretary of State’s office also has election information online. Not printing it all out and mailing it saves the state an estimated $364,000 a year.