BPA Announces Behavior-Based Energy Efficiency Pilot With NW Power

“Science helps us to understand behavior change. So we’re excited to learn what strategies and tactics will motivate consumers and organizations to change their energy use habits,” adds Summer Goodwin, BPA behavior-based energy efficiency program lead.

The behavior-based energy efficiency pilots are a step toward the development of infrastructure and policies that Northwest public utilities can use to operate behavior-based energy efficiency programs in residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

The Snohomish County Public Utility District’s pilot project is a collaboration between Snohomish County Public Utility District, PECI, Lucid, Puget Sound Energy and Starbucks. The program gathers real time energy use data and provides access to information via a web-based portal. Employees will be encouraged to engage in the pilot by facilitating an intra-store energy-saving competition.

Clark Public Utilities’ innovative behavior-based pilot aims to reinvent how electric utility customers interact with their utility by providing energy use feedback to residential users and integrating with the popular social media tool, Facebook.

Cowlitz Public Utility District’s pilot uses digital media, such as email and text messaging, in addition to frequent energy reports, to encourage energy efficiency and by residential end users.

Both Clark and Cowlitz are partnering with OPower.

BPA has committed up to $300,000 in funding per year. First phase results from the behavior-based energy efficiency pilots are expected in 2013.

BPA is a non-profit federal agency that markets renewable hydropower from federal Columbia River dams, operates three-quarters of high-voltage transmission lines in the Northwest and funds one of the largest wildlife protection and restoration programs in the world. BPA and its partners have also saved enough electricity through energy efficiency projects to power four large American cities. For more information, contact us at 503-230-5131 or visit www.bpa.gov.