Nighttime Seat Belt Patrols Apprehend Two Armed Robbery Suspects

On Saturday evening, May 23, while out on Nighttime Click It or Ticket patrols, Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s officers pulled over a vehicle with an unbelted passenger in the back seat. When retrieving identification of this passenger and others in the vehicle, the officers recognized that the unbelted passenger and one other passenger in the vehicle were the two suspects being sought for the armed robbery.  Both were arrested on unrelated warrants and taken to jail and have since been and charged with First Degree Armed Robbery. The driver was also issued a number of violations including a suspended license and unregistered vehicle.

Also on Saturday evening while out on the Click it or Ticket patrols, in the near vicinity, other Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s officers spotted a vehicle traveling at an excessive rate of speed and radared it at 104 MPH, then 126 MPH and finally 129 mph!  When stopped by a deputy, the driver was cited for two Reckless Driving violations, based on the two earlier radar reports.