Roll-Your-Own Gets Preliminary Injunction Against the State of Washington

Chris Weiss, lead attorney for RYO from Stoel Rives, said, “It is gratifying to see that the Washington courts have stepped in to protect the constitutional rights of small business owners and customers.” He added, “While this case is very important to the RYO tobacco industry, it has a far reaching effect on all Washingtonians. Judge Spanner made a hard decision, and I believe the right decision.”
Filed in Franklin County, the plaintiffs are Dana Henne, a consumer and Franklin County resident; 1/2 Price Smokes, Inc., an independent tobacco retailer in Benton County; and RYO Machine, LLC.
There are currently 65 small, independent RYO tobacco stores that employ approximately 250 individuals across the State of Washington. The RYO Coalition of Washington supports the efforts of the plaintiffs in this case to promote small businesses and their employees throughout the state.