After the “Rockets’ Red Glare” Comes the Cleanup

When you buy fireworks, Anderson suggests avoiding the aerial or missile styles and novelty products made to look like tanks, planes and boats, because those tend to contain the most plastic parts. Aerial fireworks are allowed in Washington, although in some states they are illegal for home use.

To minimize the environmental impact of fireworks, Anderson says you have to be a smart shopper: Look closely at what’s inside the cellophane wrapping and read the label.

“If it says ‘battery’ on the labeling, you are pretty much guaranteed that, for however many shots there are in that battery – if it’s 25 or 100 – you’re going to have that many pieces of plastic.”

She also suggests that people mention to fireworks vendors that they’d like to see products made without plastic. She says one major manufacturer has told her it is developing some, although it may be several years before they are on the market.

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