Area Sheriff Departments Sign Inter Local Agreement

From Left clockwise around the table, (Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield, Grays Harbor County Sheriff Mike Whelan,Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza, Mason County Sheriff Casey Salisbury,Mason County Chief Deputy Osterhut,Mason County Undersheriff Barrett,Thurston County Undersheriff Braniff,Pacific County Sheriff Scott Johnson and Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Rick Scott).This agreement formalizes the purpose, services, and authority. This agreement is similar to the one signed by Sheriff Johnson in May of 2011 with Wahkiakum & Cowlitz counties in Washington, and Columbia and Clatsop counties in Oregon. That agreement also gave mutual police powers between each county, and it has allowed Drug Task Force deputies to make arrests on persons trafficking narcotics interstate.

“We are making great strides in developing relationships with other agencies that significantly benefit our local communities”, Sheriff Johnson said. “Sharing resources and personnel, often at no cost, are huge during these tough economic times”. The Sheriff’s were careful to note that they would not invoke the agreement on everyday routine calls, but would feel free to call on one another when a major incident occurs and local staffing was inadequate.