Raymond School District Honored by WASA

The Raymond District was nominated for the award by Mike Hickman, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Service District (ESD) 113 – a regional agency that supports 44 school districts across a five county region. According to Hickman,

“For several months during the spring & summer of 2011 the ESD had been encouraging school districts to partner with us to offer a reengagement program for high school dropouts under 21 years old. School districts were reluctant to offer the GRAVITY program, primarily because there were widespread concerns about the potential negative impact these struggling learners would have on state and federal educational accountability measures (state test scores and graduation rates). Districts and schools would be penalized if their averages didn’t continue to go up. We are so thankful that in late August 2011 Dr. Holland and the Raymond School District Board of Directors had the moral courage to step up and accept the responsibility of serving these vulnerable youth, especially given that most of them don’t live in the Raymond area. Due to the leadership of Raymond School District, over 160 youth have had the opportunity to reconnect to public education and receive the support necess
ary to help them make progress toward critical learning and life goals. “

For more information regarding GRAVITY consortiums and other ESD 113 dropout reengagement services, contact Mike Hickman ([email protected]).
For specific GRAVITY learning program services in the East Willapa Harbor area contact Sharon Madrid, (360) 875-9470).