Hoquiam receives $900,000 Commerce Grant

Hoquiam, WA- The City of Hoquiam received official notice today that they have received a $900,000 Community Development Block Grant from the Washington State Department of Commerce to construct a new Eastside Fire Station.

The construction of the new Eastside Fire Station will ensure improved protection on the east side of the river, should there be any additional issues with the bridges. City of Hoquiam will also be replacing outdated breathing apparatus with more modern equipment that have more capacity.

February 13th, 2012 at the Hoquiam City Council Meeting it was discussed the possibility that the application of the grant would go towards the new construction of the Eastside Fire Station instead of the Hoquiam’s Farmer’s Market on Sumner Street. City Administrator Brian Shay said that the project would not be competitive according to feedback from the State Department of Commerce. Shay said the city has a better chance to get grant funding if they apply to replace the Eastside Fire Station in its current location.

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The grant’s approval is an achievement that was hard earned and well deserved by the City of Hoquiam staff, Fire Department Members, also Community and Business Members.