WSDOT Preps Plan For Squeaky 18-Wheelers

ABERDEEN, Wash. – Bridge reinforcements are coming to a couple of Aberdeen spans sooner, rather than later. Mayor Bill Simpson attended a workshop last night with Councilwoman Kathy Hoder, State Representatives, and Department of Transportation Region Administrator Kevin Dayton “they have done some studies on our bridges, as far as replacement and so forth, we were way down the list. Even though our bridges are older than some of the ones they’re replacing.”
Simpson said that Aberdeen wasn’t the squeaky wheel, and thanked councilwoman Kathy Hoder for… well… squeaking louder
they are going to look at reinforcing these bridges so that they can get the heavier loads on and get things done. Kathy’s done a great job shaking the tree. – Bill Simpson, Aberdeen Mayor
WSDOT and the group will meet in another week or two at city hall to discuss options, Simpson said the department is looking at retrofitting the Chehalis and Wishkah bridges to meet the weight restrictions.