Bridge Spanning Grays Harbor Gets Cold Westport Reception

WESTPORT, Wash. – Would you pay $3.00 to drive from Westport to Ocean Shores in minutes? The Speake Federal Reservation was hoping the City of Westport would like the idea. City Administrator Randy Lewis explained to the Westport council “They’re going to be trying to build a bridge across the mouth of Grays Harbor, and they’re asking the city to participate.”
The Speake Reservation recently requested a letter of support from the city, to better market the idea of a toll bridge that would connect State Route 105 to 109 along the Washington coast. The span of about 4 miles would bypass 46 miles of highway.
City Attorney Wayne Hagen summarized the sentiments of the council “He wants us to say we’re going to be partners, and he wants to use us in advertising. From a legal perspective, my advice is no.” The council voted unanimously last night to deny support.