Statewide Drop Cover and Hold Drill at 9:45 This Morning

OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington’s Drop, Cover & Hold On Earthquake Drill will take place this morning at 9:45, all citizens, schools, businesses and city and county governmental agencies are encouraged to participate. The Japanese are convinced that participation in earthquake and tsunami drills saved countless lives during the magnitude 9.0 Japanese (Tohoku) Earthquake & Tsunami on March 2011.

Moderate and severe earthquakes have happened in Washington and will occur again. Earthquakes occur daily along the entire West Coast of the United States. In Grays Harbor County, they happen along the fault lines which travel across the county, and along the Cascadia Subduction Zone, just a few miles off the coast and near the volcanic mountain ranges.

Preparation will reduce the impact any earthquake event has upon your home, school, business or family. Please take the time to participate and to prepare and/or review Family Preparedness Plans.

For more information on Family Preparedness Plans, please call Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at (360) 249-3911 x 290 or email us at [email protected]