Better Weather Marks Opening of Construction Season

OLYMPIA, Wash. – The Washington State Patrol is asking motorists to plan ahead and be prepared as the start of the road construction season is upon us.

The WSP is reminding drivers to use caution and expect the unexpected while approaching or driving in the construction zones. Trooper Troy Briggs tells drivers to slow down, increase your following distances and always be prepared to stop especially during times of high traffic volume.

Drivers should also be aware of informative or mandatory action signage, such as lane closures, narrowed lanes and reduced speed limits. Merging traffic due to lane closures or lane restrictions are required to yield to vehicles in the through traffic lane. But also remember, the lane that is closing continues to be open to traffic until the temporary traffic control at the closure. It is the responsibility of the merging driver to find a safe and reasonable place to merge with the through traffic. Being courteous to merging drivers by the through traffic will help to promote the smooth efficient flow of traffic in the construction zone. For your safety, please be patient, don’t allow yourself to get in a hurry and be sure to plan extra time in your travels so that you arrive at your destination safely.