Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Spring Rain Edition

Next Saturday, come rain, shine, or even snow, we’ll be in Tokeland again. From 10am until 5pm the lobby and library will be filled with fine artists and craftspeople and the old boathouse doors will open to display Jeffro Uitto and Earl Davis’ amazing woodwork. You do not want to miss this event! Area artists, Judith Altruda and Marcy Merrill, along with others, will open their studios for your pleasure- a rare treat indeed. Plan on spending the day, make time to visit Nelson Seafoods. It, too, is reminiscent of Scotland- unpretentious, solid, reliable, and utterly wonderful. We always bring our bicycles along and ride the width and breadth of the Tokeland Peninsula, a pretty short ride.
Once upon a time Scotland was covered with trees. Over the eons all the trees were cut down and Scotland became a barren land, hardly fit for the grazing of sheep. Only in the past 60 years have the Scots begun to plant trees and manage forest lands, but it will never again reclaim the natural cycle of mingled ages and types of trees, never again be home to the animals that once inhabited the ancient woodlands. We are so very fortunate to have vast areas of ancient forests preserved. Arbor Day is the time when we can recognize the vital importance of maintaining our trees and forests and plant scads of new trees so that we never end up looking like a treeless wasteland. I don’t want to become a sheep farmer!
Hoquiam is celebrating Arbor Day on April 20th this year ( official national date is April 27th) and you’re all invited to the festivities. It is no small matter of pride to me that this years’ ceremony will be held in Elton Bennett Park. This is not your standard city park, this is a forest park- there is no ball field, instead there are meandering trails, the sheltering canopy of giant old trees, the musical croaking of frogs, Quinault Daffodils aplenty in the stream, and most of all- there is peace here. This is a park that our own citizens have created. First the Olympians Hiking Club created the trail system, then 79 volunteers from the all over Grays Harbor converged in 2009 to repair the catastrophic damage done by the 2007 storm. A young group of Americorps workers volunteered their free time in 2010 to finish the project, working long days to create a civilized wilderness in the center of town. Please come by on Friday, April 20th at 3:30 for a stroll through the park. Forester Kurt can answer tree questions, you are invited to help us plant seedlings to restore the canopy cover, and I can show you my favorite secret childhood hideaways.
Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager of the Grays Harbor Farmers market in Hoquiam- home of the best Scottish Shortbread on this continent!
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