First Confirmed Swine Flu (A/SWH1) Case in Grays Harbor

"People do not need to do anything differently that we have advised so far", said Michelle Balter, Clinical Services Manager for the health department, "Stay home if you are ill. Wash your hands often. Cover your cough. If you have a fever and are concerned, contact your healthcare provider. Be sure to call in advance so that if they need to see you, they can minimize everyone's chance of exposure."

One thing that has surprised health officials is the amount of seasonal flu circulating this late in the year, a time when flu is normally tapering off. So, not all flu is the new strain.

The health department has a swine flu web page that can be seen at:  The site  contains basic information about the flu and links to state and national websites.

Dr. Bausher has asked physicians to report suspect cases of the A/SWH1 to the health department's notifiable disease line in order to monitor the potential number of cases.