Grays Harbor E911 Celebrates Telecommunicator Week With Local Awards

Outstanding Sustained Job Performance


This award is presented to a Telecommunicator who does an all around good job on a regular basis.   Telecommunicator Darlena Iverson is recognized as the agency’s 2011 Telecommunicator of the Year for Sustained Performance.  She has been with us for 11 1/2 years.  She displays equal competence at any task she chooses to take on, whether it be working a busy dispatch console, or conducting the new hire training academy.  Darlena is an exceedingly positive role model for all Telecommunicators and represents our profession as she currently does her daily work: with pride, honor, dedication and commitment.


Critical Incident


The Critical Incident Award is not about the type of incident being handled, but rather, about the ability of the employee to handle the challenging circumstances placed before them. 


The intent of the Critical Incident Award is to focus on an employee’s calmness, ability to multi-task under an exceptional workload, attention to detail, and/or knowledge of obscure locations or unique procedures, all delivered with professionalism.  This year there were three (3) Telecommunicators involved in this incident and so all three are being recognized for their participation: Natalie Streifel, Acting Supervisor; Darlena Iverson and Shawna Ashlock are recognized as the 2011 Telecommunicator’s of the Year for a Critical Incident for their handling of a shooting that occurred during Graveyard shift in May 2011.  The details were tragic from the beginning as the phone calls started to ring into the Center with sounds of shots being fired in the neighborhood.  Between the three employees on duty that night, they were able to answer the phones, get the units apprised of the details of the call, get the aid crew notified and broadcast attempt to locates for the suspect vehicle, all in a timely manner.  Natalie has been with us since September 1997, Darlena since September 2000 and Shawna since November 2007.  With their teamwork those seconds counted.


Special Projects


This award covers projects developed by, or implemented for, our personnel that enhance the day-to-day operation of the Center.


This year the staff selected to recognize all of the Special Projects that are accomplished on a daily basis.  These projects, while only a small part of the agencies overall function, are key to keeping the agency functioning.  The projects are assigned to all staff to ensure work gets accomplished and the agency resources are always up-to-date.  They include:  Quality Assurance, EMD (Natalie); New Hire Training, CTO (Darlena); Back-up PSAP Resources (Shawna); Info/Index, Call Checking (Loanne); CTO (Laura); Monthly COPS (Katie J); Newsletter, Pub Ed, CTO (Carrie); On Floor Training, School Resource/Rapid Responder, CTO (Tonya); Center Scheduling (Shannon); and Call Checking, Premise History (Priscilla).

Grays Harbor E911 services the following agencies:

apd Aberdeen Police Department
ctpd Chehalis Tribal Police Department
cpd Cosmopolis Police Department
epd Elma Police Department
hpd Hoquiam Police Department
ghcso Grays Harbor County Sheriff
MCPD McCleary Police Department
MPD Montesano Police Department
ospd Ocean Shores Police Department
wpd Westport Police Department
afd Aberdeen Fire Department
cfd Cosmopolis Fire Department
efd Elma Fire Department
hfd Hoquiam Fire Department
mfd McCleary Fire Department
mfd Montesano Fire Department
osfd Ocean Shores Fire Department
wfd Westport Fire Department
sba South Beach Ambulance
ghfd1 Fire Dist #1, Oakville
ghfd2 Fire Dist #2,Central Park, Brady, Wynooche
ghfd3 Fire Dist #3, Westport
ghfd4 Fire Dist #4, Amanda Park
ghfd5 Fire Dist #5, Elma, Satsop, Porter
ghfd6 Fire Dist #6, New London, Grays Harbor City
ghfd7 Fire Dist #7, Copalis Beach, Ocean City
ghfd8 Fire Dist #8, Pacific Beach, Moclips, Aloha
ghfd10 Fire Dist #10, Wishkah

Fire Dist #11, Grayland

ghfd12 Fire Dist #12, McCleary
ghfd14 Fire Dist #14, Ocosta
ghfd15 Fire Dist #15, Artic, Vesta, North River
ghfd16 Fire Dist #16, Copalis Crossing
ghfd17 Fire Dist #17, Humptulips
pcfd5 Pacific Co. Fire Dist #5, North Cove, Tokeland